Mistress Arella
Welcome to my website. I am known as Mistress Arella, a dominatrix and a hedonist. In 2013 I decided to start this website after I had been served by a number of financial slaves over the years. Naturally, the financial servitude fetish is not for everyone. The sub must understand what he´s getting himself into and the Mistress must know not only what She´s doing but She must do it in a sane and ethical manner.

Let Me warn you in advance: I am approachable but do not take any crap. Time wasters will be swiftly recognized and will be cut off from further communication. If you have the courage to live out your fantasy, however, keep reading.

How do I get Your attention?

Send an introductory email explaining your D/s interests (in detail) as well as who you are. Be honest and open about what you are looking for. You can expect the same from Me. One line or other vague enquiries are often ignored.

How much should I tribute?

The level of commitment is something you need to decide for yourself. I have had slaves tributing moderately as well as generously, extremely generously even. Different people have different budgets and differently strong urges to please. I do put fixed price on my time though in case you want to chat with me on Skype, see me on cam or meet me in person. Email me for details.

What are Your favourite gifts?

Anything from My wish list will please Me and I do have a P.O. BOX, just ask for the address.

Generally, I am very fond of genuine fur and leather garments, quality cosmetics, Italian shoes and gourmet teas.

Where are You based?

At the moment I am based in Prague, the capital of The Czech Republic.

How old are you?

I am young enough to be immensely attractive to men yet mature enough to have significant life experience (early 30s).

Can I take You shopping?

Sure. However, you will first need to tribute Me if you are unfamiliar to me.

Can I invite You to my home city?

Yes, it all depends on your budget and the destination where you would like to meet Me.

Is it possible to combine financial servitude with other fetishes and interests?

Absolutely. Sessions in a dungeon or in your hotel, dining out, going on holidays, distance and chastity training, leather and fur fetish, personal slavery…all of these and many more are possible options.

What is Your level of experience?

I have been active on the Femdom scene since 2007 both as a professional and as a lifestyle Mistress.

Do You do blackmail?

This is a tricky one. I do have some experience with this fetish, however, I am also aware of the risks I might be taking should I agree to such a scenario. I suggest you email Me, describing what you have in mind and I will give it some thought.

Why do You sound so different than all the other Fin dommes?

Unlike the majority of webcam models, I am a real Mistress who has met and talked to hundreds of subs and fetishists and has had more complex relationships with half a dozen of them. I am genuinely attracted (mentally and sexually) to ready-to-please men that I use in a variety of ways, not only financially. Needless to say, I am an educated, sophisticated, and intelligent Lady who is not faking Her dominance.

Do You enjoy humiliating men?

Very much so.

Do You do webcam sessions?

Yes I do. Alternatively, it is also possible just to text chat with me on Skype. Recently I have introduced a special ignorance cam for the ultimate losers.

I am not a financial slave or a real submissive. Can I simply meet you for an hour or two of BDSM / fetish play? If so, what tribute would you require for an hour?

Yes, it is possible to meet me for a real life professional session. The tribute starts at 200 euro per hour. Click here for more information.

Why didn´t I hear from You?

It is possible that your email got lost before it reached my inbox. I therefore recommend that you always contact me on both addresses mistress@elite-findom.com, cc: dom.arella@gmail.com. Another reason might be that your email was not sufficiently polite or that your enquiry was extremely brief or vague.

How do I get to know more about You?

I recommend you visit my clips studio or read my memoir The Diary of a Kinky Girl.


Ladies, do not steal my texts (not even individual lines) as the odds that I will find out and get you in trouble with your hosting company for copyright law breach are very high. I will also name and shame you on Twitter. Therefore do not do it, it´s not worth it.

Guys, do inform me if you come across another webpage or an online profile that sounds very similar or identical to this site. I strongly recommend NOT to tribute any virtual Fin domme unless there is plenty of information about her on the internet including numerous references from those who have seen her on webcam or, preferably, met her in person. It is always better to be prudent than sorry, especially nowadays when anyone can easily steal other people´s texts, ideas and even images. Surely you don´t want to waste your money on a man or a wannabe domme.